Friday, February 20, 2009


I am reading a blog Life of a Young Pregnant Mom. She just wrote a blog called "cussed daddy out". It was about her conversation with the father of her unborn child. She wanted to let him know that everything was ok and just a quick conversation.

Well as she thought he said he was sick and hung up. She called him back and sussed him out. So it just starts the drama.

A lot of guys dont want anything to do with their child. They are not the one caringing them for 9 months. So i think the mother gets more attached. Then they cant just walk away from them, or loose the problem.

Then only thing the mother can do is have an abortion. But i dont understand how people go through will that. Killing a child would be horable.

I wish that the guy could care more and be there more for her. But you should always try to help yourself, so then you wont get stranded.


  1. Wow! That has got to be hard! I hope the best for her. I bet its hard. I couldnt even imagine.

  2. Yea! guys don't have to play mom to the baby.they don't have to feed to child .they don't have to worry about how the child is doing in the tummy or anything like that; most guys don't even care about the baby at all.. they will tell u that they care when they really don't. but some time the mom have to stand up and be the women that she suppose to be..

  3. Well, some guys are still boys because they never really grow up until they realize that life is not a game. The father of my child when I was pregnant was the same exact way as the girl you wrote about. We would fight and argue all the time and it seemed like he just didn't care about the child we created. To make a long story short, what I'm trying to say is do what mothers have been doing for years, raise your child as the mother and the father. Being a daddy don't make you a father being a father makes you a father by stepping up and taking care of your child and the responsibilities that comes with it.

  4. Thanks for reading and writing about my blog. I think it's pretty cool :)

    My Baby's Dad and I have had an up and down relationship regarding our unborn son. Since we started seeing each other up until now we go a couple of months at a time not talking to each other then he randomly decides he wants to be in our son's life. I hadn't spoke with him since Dec. 24, we didn't depart on bad terms and though he had not contacted me I thought maybe it would be a nice gesture to tell him the updates on the baby.

    Long story short, my BD has a funky attitude. He's an overall grumpy person who usually treats those around him like shit, though some times he pretends he cares. I left him a message saying I just called to tell him about the baby The next morning he wrote me on yahoo and tried to explain he was too sick to talk. I had a few choice words with him and that was that. No drama really as he didn't have much to say back to me and we haven't spoken since then.

    I'm set and used to the idea of being a single mom with little to no help from him. I don't really want anything from my BD. Sure it would be nice if he cleaned up his act, it would be nice if he cared about our boy but it's whatever. They way things are going for him now he is not fit for our child. I've long recognized this and accepted it. Me calling him was just an attempted nice gesture since he once was excited for our boy.