Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ella Mae

I finnaly had my baby on July 13 2009. I named her Ella Mae.
She weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces, and was 18 inches. Labor was not what i expected, but i think the best part was her, and the worst was the hospital stay.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blogging in General

Blogging is a very interesting experience to try. Having to write a blog for an English class and having to write ten posts for a class assignment, I became very efficient with the blogging experience. I would tell anyone who wants to write a blog that they would have some fun with it.

Blogging can be used for anything, because you can choose the topic to write about. People may make there blog about TV shows, school, religion, and even the news. It is a broad place on the internet, and it allows people to communicate with each other and voice their own opinion. Blog sites are written to let other people know how they feel about a subject. It gives you the opportunity to say what you want. I am writing about my pregnancy, and the things I am going through. I get people to learn more about me, and what it is like to be pregnant. You get to release the thoughts on your mind. One real nice thing about this blog is that everyone is going to see how cute my daughter is (ha-ha).

Blogging is best used for personal experiences. When you pick something you are personally interested in, it would create the best blog. Writing about something that you voice your opinion in might get some people confused. Any one can read a blog that has access to the internet, because they want to obtain information on the subject. For example, if you are blogging about events on the news, and you start to state your own opinion people might get confused. They would know what happened in the event; however they would get your perspective. Another way to explain it is you can blog about anything. So I blogging about the news event, and my next blog might be aliens attacked. Someone might read that and think it is true. They would go on believing it, until they heard differently. If you start your blog by saying this is something to do with my perspective, and my thoughts on the subject it might be different. A lot of people will just read the interesting events, and look at the big picture. They will not go into detail to look and see if the source is reliable. It is kind of like the statement “Don’t believe everything you hear”. An example of a real bolg with false news is

Every blog site shows some characteristics of our culture. Each person makes up a part of the society, and they write or voice their opinion creates the way our society looks. When other people read their post they will obtain some information or experiences from the other person. So if I was to write about my way of life, people would learn the way of an American life. Each person they would read about would show some different ways of society. They might show anything for example the way we dress, food we eat, people we favor, events we do, and even sports. There’re so many different characteristics that can be learned from the internet. It would be hard to name them all. People may not even realize what they are learning, because they would not address it as a part of society. For example, you see an outfit you like, and then you go get the outfit at the store. You then have picked up something that is from a different culture or society. Another example might be like, Chinese food.

One thing that about blogs is they are repetitive. They have many of the same blogs. Yes it will be your own opinion on the subject, but ten people will write about it. People might get tired of looking at all the views. They like to believe their own perspectives.

Overall blogging made the English class fun. If I had to do it all over I would not mind it. Some things might need to be “filtered”, but then it might not be as exciting. So I might continue the blog, because it is about the subject I like, my pregnancy.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009


I went to my 20 weeks doctors’ appointment today. Everything was great with the baby, although my blood pressure was high. The great news is that I am having a GIRL.

Now that I know what I am having it is going to be a lot better. I can start to plan and get ready for more things. I can think of the name, and start getting the cloths.

The only thing that is really hard to think about is how much the kid is going to cost.
1. Dippers
2. Formula
3. Crib
4. Pacifiers
5. Cloths
6. Bottles
7. Toys
I have to get so much stuff, and really don't have that much time. It will all work out though, and my kid will at least get everything it NEEDS. It does have family and friends to help.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

About Guest Blogging

Everyone in our class had to guest blog on another classmates blog, and I really enjoyed the experiment. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I thought it would be a lot harder to make sure what you was writing fit into their topic, but I had to write about a broad topic. I had to write a post on Rico’s blog about College Pressures. If you’re a student it would be easy to understand and write about that topic. Other people had to guest blog on another topic. They might be able to relate, while others it was kind of hard.

Our class also had to try to guess what person wrote on whose blog. Some of them were able to guess exactly who wrote it, and others could not have a clue. Me personally, I might have been able to guess two or three of them on the first try. If I got to do it again I probably would have made my post a little trickier. I would have included fewer clues, and fit in better with his writings.

Overall if sending the post was not so difficult I would really have like it. When I got my post sent, and the one I received posted faster it made it all that better. Looking back I don’t see why it was so difficult, but I got it done and started the commenting.

Guest Blogger

My name is ****and I am this weeks guest blogger. I don’t know much about pregnancy or that about anything concerning the female body and its functions, but I will try my best and write my thoughts and feelings on the topic. Teenage pregnancy appears to become more and more predominant in society. It seems like more and more girls are faced with the responsibilities and the decision of bearing and raising a child. I believe that it is completely up to the mother if she wants to take on the responsibilities. I’m not really what else to say about it. I’m sure that everyone has either had a friend or someone they know who was young for having children. If I had a close friend who became pregnant I support her in any decision she made, because I’d expect the same out of her.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Embarising Moments

A lot of people feel that pregnacy is such a beuitiful and great event. You have the mothers that love getting pregant and even sometimes have children for people who can't. It is almost like when people see a pregnant women walking down the street, and everyone is like "Wow!". They say other things as they sound amazed almost like they never seen a pregnant women before. Being pregnant can start a lot of conversations with people that you don't know.

Well as you all ready know I am pregnant. I mean there is always some happy thoughts going through your head, because your about to me the mother of a child. Just think of you and your parents, and they tell you what to do or they are always nagging at you. Being a mother is when you have your own child to teach and give edvice to. It is something that you created or tought how to live.

After all that there is the actual period that you are carrying the kid. It is not all that fun to me. So many things can be embarrising or just not comfterable. One of the main things is you get bigger that what you were. I just want to always get something to eat. No I know I am eating for two, but that small little baby can't want to eat that much. If you were smaller when it started you might just loose all the wait you gained when you have your kid, but I wasn't that smaller when I satrted.

My face is horible from breakouts. A lot more pimples pop up out of no where. Now I still wash my face, but I try not to use a lot of cimicals. You even have a lot of growth in hair also. It can just show up anywhere or may just come in thicker.

I also get really picky and moody. Now it might just be me, but I haven't figured it out. It is kind of bad, but I got kicked out of the first resturant. My firend and I went out to eat at TJays. It was early and I was starving. The waitress just had her head down and was talking kind of stern and rude. Well after the waitress messed up my order three times, and still never got it right I was ready to go. My firend had allready ate all hers, and I just wanted to go some where else. On the account I didn't eat it I didn't want to pay for it. So I told her never mind and I just wanted to leave.

The mager had to take the meal of my bill. So I went up to pay for my dink and the manager said "So what was even wrong with it". I told her without getting rude, I just explained what happened. "Everyone makes mistakes, haha" , she said. I told her I was going to go somewhere else and just after the third time I was really hungry and didn't want to wait no longer. She just started laughing at me. So I said "This is not really that funny, I just wanted to go somewhere else. "This is just so commical" Then I sarted to get a little frusterated and acting a little rude. Now I never once started cousing or anthing. She was just told me to leave, after I kept explaining what was going on.

Then one of the last things I have to metion besides the usual having morning sickness, which is not just in the morning you get a lot of gas. Differnt things you eat or even dink. Sometimes you just can't help it. Like if I drink pepsi I can't help but just to burp. Sometimes it is not even the quiet ones and you just can't wait to go to the bathroom so no one hears.It does come out both ways though, so why do people see beauty in pregnacy.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I am reading a blog Life of a Young Pregnant Mom. She just wrote a blog called "cussed daddy out". It was about her conversation with the father of her unborn child. She wanted to let him know that everything was ok and just a quick conversation.

Well as she thought he said he was sick and hung up. She called him back and sussed him out. So it just starts the drama.

A lot of guys dont want anything to do with their child. They are not the one caringing them for 9 months. So i think the mother gets more attached. Then they cant just walk away from them, or loose the problem.

Then only thing the mother can do is have an abortion. But i dont understand how people go through will that. Killing a child would be horable.

I wish that the guy could care more and be there more for her. But you should always try to help yourself, so then you wont get stranded.